Freshly Stone Milled Flour


We freshly stone mill Oklahoma’s best wheat into healthy and delicious flour. All our wheat is identity-preserved. All of our flour is milled to order and retains the integrity of its terroir: we want all the hard work of our farmer’s wheat to be preserved in our flour.

Our co-owner, Graison Gill, is an expert and award-winning baker. He works directly with Oklahoma State University to develop wheat that has the best flavor, best protein quality, best nutrition, and best performance for your favorite recipes. Like any other master craftsman, we ensure that our ingredients only come from the most delicious and nutritious wheat in Oklahoma. So whether you’re making donuts and cookies, pancakes, and pies, or baguettes and sourdough, we have freshly stone-milled Oklahoma flour just for you.



We mill all our flour to order from Oklahoma wheat that is grown for flavor, not yield. Our wheat is slowly milled between two natural granite stones which crush it into extremely fine flour. This traditional method of flour milling is as ancient as civilization itself. We then run our flour through coarse screens to make sure it is pure, soft, and fine before sending it off to you.

Baking with our flour means you aren’t getting a homogenous blend of random flour. You are getting our absolute best, and that’s why we at Chisholm Trail Milling do what we do. We are passionate about keeping value and flavor, and we want you to taste the difference for yourself.


We established Chisholm Trail Milling because we believe that our singular focus on the process will deliver a one-of-a-kind flour that is the most honest, delicious, and beautiful expression of wheat the way nature and our ancestors intended.

Oklahoma has some of the world’s best wheat. The economic value of Oklahoma’s annual wheat crop hovers around a half-billion dollars, but hardly any of it stays in state. Instead, it gets sent across the country and across the world to be made into flour. That flour then gets sold back to bakeries, restaurants, and consumers in the form of a tasteless, nutrition-less, and identity-less product. We believe that flour is an ingredient and much more than simply a product.

Chisholm Trail Milling’s founders saw something more than an opportunity. They saw a duty to resuscitate the integrity of a broken food system and to repatriate the flavor of Oklahoma’s wheat into delicious and fresh flour. By keeping our food chain circular, celebrating the terroir of Oklahoma’s wheat, and milling flour the way humans have for millennia, we want to take up the mantle of quality, classic milling. In doing so, we want to demonstrate through freshly stone-milled flour that Oklahoma’s wheat is some of the best in the world.

It’s the way nature intended wheat to be grown, the way the farmer intended wheat to be used, and the way your family deserves to eat.