At Chisholm Trail Milling, we are loyal to the soil. We are loyal to the belief that flour is a key ingredient and that flavor begins in that soil.

Oklahoma farmers grow some of the best wheat in the world. Chisholm Trail Milling has deep roots in Oklahoma’s soil and farming traditions. Learn about our journey and connect to where it all begins.

All our wheat is dryland farmed and grown for flavor, not just yield. It is then slowly milled between two natural granite stones, which crush the wheat into an extremely fine flour that is healthy, digestible, and delicious.

Our flour is freshly milled to order and all the parts of the wheat berry are preserved. This is the way our ancestors made flour and exactly how we make flour today.

We work directly with the Wheat Improvement Team at Oklahoma State University, the Oklahoma Wheat Commission, and the Oklahoma Wheat Grower’s Association to develop public wheat varieties because we are passionate about value and flavor.

Always remember, “What you bake can only be as good as your main ingredient.”

Our Team

Graison Gill - Chef / Baker / Co-Owner
Graison Gill
is co-owner of Chisholm Trail Milling. He also owns of Bellegarde Bakery in New Orleans. Graison has been baking professionally for twelve years and was trained at the San Francisco Baking Institute under Michel Suas and Frank Sally. Graison’s passion for bread stems from the craft’s intricacies and interactions with the elements of fire, water, and fermentation. In 2020, he was a nominee for the Best Baker in America by the James Beard Foundation. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including on the March 2019 cover of Food & Wine Magazine.

Brady Sidwell - Co-Owner
Brady Sidwell
is the co-owner of Chisholm Trail Milling. He has extensive agribusiness experience. He not only farms more than 2,000 acres, but operates several businesses including wheat seed sales, storage, a grain elevator operation, and grains supply chain logistics. As one of Oklahoma’s most innovative and progressive farmers, he brings a base of agronomic knowledge and expertise unrivaled in the industry. He is a steward, not just of his family’s land and their heritage in the wheat industry, but of honest farming practices and the tradition of ecological dedication that that entails.

Corbin Johns
Corbin Johns
is an Oklahoma native who grew up in wheat country and Graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. As a classically trained chef who grew tired of the tedium of kitchen life, he wanted to get more hands on with where our food comes from. He is  devoted to taking high quality grain from the best farms in Oklahoma and milling it into a wholesome and sustainable product. “I look forward to learning everything I can about where we source our grain and who we source it from, and the process of turning it into a delicious and nutritious whole grain flour.”